Welcome to “Open eTwinning” 2nd. edition

We are happy to welcome you to this new edition of “Open eTwinning”, a Massive Online Open Course organized  by the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y de Formación del Profesorado (INTEF) and the Spanish eTwinning National Support Service .

As you probably know, a MOOC is a self-access learning course which takes place in an online platform with the support of other social networks like Twitter or Facebook.  Upon registration, you’ll find plenty of possibilities to improve your knowledge on the topics of the course as well as help others to learn by sharing your findings, thoughts or ideas. There’s not a ‘straight path’ of activities to be ‘answered’ in order to reach the end of the course and get the official recognition, as it happens in most standard online courses. In a MOOC you are free to go in and out, do an activity you might find interesting and go back again; download materials, just share your thoughts or add your own ideas about any topic related to the course. Nevertheless, if you want to gain a digital badge as recognition for the learning throughout the course, you will have to meet some requirements regarding peer-to-peer assessment. All participants will receive detailed information about how to gain, request and store those badges, but remember that a certificate in terms of learning hours IS NOT PROVIDED after completing the MOOC.

“Open eTwinning” consists of five modules, which will be opened weekly:
1. What is eTwinning?
2. Innovation in the classroom
3. Project design
4. Collaboration in eTwinning and The eTwinning social network will open simultaneously.

Along this first week, we will revise the basic ideas behind eTwinning and start building our Personal Learning Environment (PLE) which will help us take the most out of the interaction with other participants of the course, follow the news and prepare a digital portfolio in which we will show and share our progress and the results of our learning.

Within the contents and activities of each week (tab “Activities”), you will find three clearly defined sections, each of them introduced by a video clip:

  • The objectives for the unit.
  • The key ideas.
  • The challenges that will allow you to achieve the unit’s goals.

On this infographic you can see, at a glance, the main features of the unit.
In addition to this, in the ‘events’ tab you will find information and links to join the “topic of the week” which on this occasion has to do do with eTwinning Spring Campaign: “The Prism of Inclusion”, an opportunity to take part in an online quest and win interesting prizes as you learn about eTwinning and make friends.

Remember that this is an Open Course and registration will remain open all throughout the MOOC. You will be welcome any time!

Do not forget to follow the news through Twitter, with the hashtag #twinmooc and join our Facebook Group “Open eTwinning”

Have fun!
Diego, Julián, Paola and Yolanda.