After one week of #twinmooc

When we are about to turn the first week of “Open eTwinning” we would like to share with you a summary of the activities and challenges of this first week. If you have not yet completed all the challenges, or you haven’t even started them, don’t worry; the MOOC will remain open until june 2 and it’s only you who decide the rhythm of your progress.

Let’s start revising a few numbers just to have a broad idea of the size of the digital conversation which is taking place within this MOOC. After a week of activity, more than 900 people have enrolled (remember that registration keeps open all along the course) and almost 300 have already placed themselves in the MAP OF PARTICIPANTS. A similar number of people are new members  of the FACEBOOK GROUP and our twitter hashtag, #twinmooc counts more than 400 tweets so far.

As for the activities and challenges of the week, from the very beginning we enjoyed very funny and creative introductions with the “3, 2, 1” format made with powerful and very easy-to-use tools like STORYBIRD, BOOK CREATORPOWTOON, or the well-known GOOGLE FORMS among others. Other activities like “Define eTwinning in no more than 140 characters” are, obviously, taking place in twitter as we can see in this sample of the activity in the first days of the MOOC:


But the key challenge in this unit, as we see it, has been the creation of a personal portfolio. An online site where every participant in the course can save their findings, their goals, share their projects, etc. … Our portfolio will be the showroom where we will display the results of the activities, the products that answer our challenges, the assignments that will eventually be assessd by our peers… That’s why it is important to start using it and getting familiar with publishing posts and so on from the very beginning. And we are appy to check that, although the list on the platform seems to be a bit slow in showing ALL the blogs introduced, everyday dozens of new blogs appear in the Facebook Group or are announced on #Twitter.Let’s take a look at a ramdom selection of them just to prove how easy but rewarding can be to start our learning portfolio:

Thank you so much for being so active and helpful with each other. Let’s keep it running!!!

The course Facilitators. (Diego, Julián, Paola and Yolanda.)