#twinmooc two weeks later.

#twinmooc is getting older. Two weeks is almost half its life and as far as we can see, it’s growing safe and healthy. We’ve reached the ‘round number’ of 1,000 participants and expect many more as new activities, challenges and events are being known and the word is being spread. Remember that registration is permanently open throughout the duration of the MOOC at http://mooc.educalab.es/

Along this second week we have been setting the stage for what will be the ‘raison d’être’ of this MOOC, that is, designing a collaborative learning project that can, eventually, be the basis of an eTwining action. To ensure the quality and reliability of these projects it is necessary to start knowing the ground we step on, and that’s why the first challenge on this second unit has been a shared reflection on the weak and strong points of our teaching practice. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to filling our digital board  with their sincere thoughts, beliefs and, most of all, experiences. It’s worth taking a look at this massive brainstorming.

On the other hand, we don’t forget that project designing has already walked a long way and that we can -and should- take advantage of the extensive good practice that can be found on this field. That’s why, from the beginning of the first edition of #twinmooc we keep building a bank of resources on List.ly which includes tools, projects, communities of practice… That is an excellent way to realize that we not only are not alone on this voyage but we can do it standing on the shoulders of giants!

The last challenge of  unit 2 is to write and share. We’ve asked participants to keep their portfolios growing by writing a new post on which they develop the conclusions drawn after the brainstorming and the research. And they have massively responded to the call as we can see by visiting the social spaces of the MOOC (Twitter and the Facebook Group) or taking a look at these few samples we have randomly chosen among the portfolios saved on the platform: