#twinmooc. Third week summary

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Awesome third week at #twinmooc!!!
Interest is growing among participants as we get closer to the final design of a quality eTwinning project. All the research and shared reflections of units 1 and 2  make sense now that we can use them to shape a first draft of a project that will, eventually, be our gateway of access to the whole eTwinning experience.
There have been excellent exchanges in our networks circles on Facebook, sharing entries, comments and feedback. That means that users are really involved in the process of the MOOC. The slogan of the week has been: Share, cooperate and be creative!!!
The launching of the P2P assessment system has also been an opportunity to obtain relevant feedback from our coursemates as we check how, finally, our ‘progress bar’ starts growing and moving towards earning the digital badge at the end of the MOOC. We encourage all users to send their drafts for peer assessment as they’ve already done quite a few dozens of participants. Take a look at this small sample of the shared work:

But, apart from the normal development of the MOOC activities and challenges, this week has been the one of the eTwinning ambassadors. We’ve been knowing about them, who and where they are, how they can help other eTwinners, etc. and finally, on Wed, 10, we had a chat on Twitter with a nice lot of them. Here’s a summary of the intensive 60 minutes conversation held on twitter under the hashtags #twinbassador and #twinmooc


And, What comes next? Unit four will help us improve our project draft by adding -at least- one collaborative e-activity and will allow our students to express their opinions about eTwinning. Don’t miss it!

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The course Facilitators (Diego, Julián, Paola and Yolanda.)


Featured image: Mindmap. By Rob Enslin published on Flickr under CC licence