Collaboration and ICT are the stars of the week at #twinmooc

After more than one month working on it, #twinmooc has possibly no secrets for most of the participants. We have been surfing around, doing activities, overcoming challenges and writing dozens of messages in the different social networks. We have also learnt about the key elements of a project, as well as how to make it more social and more digital.

Some may have already visited the specific workspace of the eTwinning Platform, either by means of a standard registration or using the ‘practice’ space provided for MOOC participants who don’t meet the requirements for that ‘standard registration’.

Now it’s time to have a look at the main contents of this week’s unit (unit 4), although we know that many users have already tried -and even finished- not only unit 4 but also unit 5 that, as you know, keeps open since last Thursday.

“Collaboration” was at the heart of unit 4 and we were asked to make our projects more social by means of one or several e-activities. As the MOOC goes on, more and more participants are sharing their response to the challenge at the social spaces of the MOOC, particularly on the Facebook Group, giving and receiving comments, opinions and suggestions from the hundreds of active users who keep the conversation alive day after day. It wouldn’t be possible to reproduce here all the contributions made during the week, but just to give you a broad idea of what unit 4 has been about, let’s take a look at some of the challenges of this unit and how some of the MOOC participants have tackled them:

And with this new element, our project is taking shape and approaching its final version; a challenging collaborative project, ready to be implemented in real classroom context within the eTwinning environment. That’s why, since last Thursday, but particularly from now on, we invite you to visit the different spaces, resources and possibilities that eTwinning offers to help teachers carry out multinational collaborative learning projects. Keep a watchful eye to both the updates on the platform tabs and the conversations taking place on Twitter and Facebook and the biggest community for school in Europe won’t have any secrets for you!!

The course Facilitators (Diego, Julián, Paola and Yolanda.)